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Fourgen is a 100% natural serum that helps protect horses feet from external dampness and dirt
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Frog rot is caused by a bacterial infection caused by dampness and dirt.
FOURGEN is a 100% natural serum that is antiseptic, antibacterial and water-resistant. Its potent nourishing concentrate helps protect horses feet from external dampness and dirt and is specially formulated to treat soft or rotten frogs effectively. Its very high unrefined laurel oil (raw, with its properties intact) content makes it an ideal product to help solve hoof problems in record time.

  • Ideal mix of herbs: Laurel oil, raw and unrefined, has astringent, calming, and nourishing properties. Also, Castor oil has antioxidant properties, preventing oxidative stress in cell membranes.
  • Nourishing and water-resistant: sunflower oil has nourishing, renewing, and softening properties, helping to retain moisture for healthy hooves. FOURGEN is water-resistant thanks to biopolymer integration, allowing the liquid to penetrate into the area concerned while at the same time protecting it from external agents (water, dust, parasites, bacteria, and other external irritants).
  • Cleans and closes quickly: Its pointed application tip means it can be applied deep into furrows or holes for targeted action.


  • Helps to treat smelly, soft and/or weak frogs.
  • Protection against dampness and dirt.
  • Strengthening action.
  • Intense hydratation.

Dose / Application / Administration

Apply once a day until you see an improvement.

1. Pick out and brush the hooves.
2. Apply once a day until you see an improvement, insisting on holes.

In the case of deep furrows, apply FOURGEN and cover with cotton wool. May be used in conjunction with Ongifen as part of your general hoof care routine.


Laurus Nobilis Oil - Calophyllum Inophyllum Seed Oil - Juniperus Extract - Ricinus Communis Seed Oil - Glycerin - Biopolymer


250 ml


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