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Ref.: HH 05 470 HH 05 470


Strengthens soft or cracked hooves and disinfects the soles and frogs
InStock 31/12/2039 26,06 (+ VAT)
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Topical application to strengthen cracked hooves and soft soles. HOOF & SOLE helps to strengthen, harden and disinfect the hoof improving texture and elasticity. Contains MSM, that promotes hoof growth, hardens the sole and protects the frog, and Zinc sulfate as antiseptic solution.

How to apply HOOF & SOLE?
Wash and dry hooves thoroughly taking care to remove all traces of soil, etc. Using a clean hoof oil brush or cloth, liberally apply HOOF & SOLE around the hoof, sole and frog allowing the liquid to seep into nail holes, cracks and between the hoof and shoe. Take great care not to paint onto skin or coronet band. Allow hoof to dry.
Apply once a day for the first week, then reduce to every other day. After 3 weeks reduce application to twice a week or longer subject to progress of improvement. A difference should be noticed after approximately 4 weeks depending on the individual horse.


  • Unhealthy hooves.
  • Damaged frogs.
  • Rotten frogs.
  • Thrushed frogs.

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· First week: Apply once per day.
· Second week: Apply every other day, once per day.
· Third week: Apply twice a week, depending on the hoof evolution.

After 4 weeks, a difference should be noticed depending on the individual horse.


6% Zinc sulfate - MSM - Wetting agent


1 L


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