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Leather care

Jeudi 09 Avril 2020


On many occasions, it is advisable to maintain the leather well to keep the tack in good condition, but surprisingly, even with great benefits, the necessary time is not dedicated to it. We must be aware that leather is a skin, just like ours; therefore, it suffers abrasions and dryness when it comes into contact with irritants such as sweat and dirt. Cleaning, nourishing, and repairing are the three keys to increasing the useful life of these articles.

When it comes to cleaning, there are two options. The basic cleaning will be carried out quickly every time you finish riding to eliminate dust and sweat, and once a month, a deep cleaning will be carried out to eliminate those difficult remains. The most important thing is to use special products for leather, since not all of them work properly.

For basic cleaning, we will use products such as LEATHER SOLID SOAP, a traditional solid soap, or LEATHER SOFT SOAP, a creamy formula of traditional soap. These are inexpensive products for daily use and are applied with a sponge, massaged onto the leather, and finally polished with a fine cloth to obtain a glossier finish.

We will use LEATHER CLEANSE in a soapy forrmat to clean and maintain the leather in a single step. In an inexpensive version, we will apply QUICK CLEAN, and to have the tack clean and conditioned, we will use LEATHER CLEANSE & CONDITION. By simply applying the product with a wet sponge and massaging it directly onto the leather, we will create a soft foam that removes dirt and grease.
The next step will be to hydrate the skin to obtain a shiny finish that does not crack. Moisturizing is very important to keep the leather in the best condition, and while it should be done frequently, it is not necessary every day. Products like LEATHER BALSAM condition the leather, caring for and softening the most delicate materials. It is also ideal for refining new or stiff tack. Another option is NEATSFOOT OIL, an oil that acts fast, protecting and moisturizing dry and brittle leather.

Lastly, for those items that need extra help, either because they are damaged by water, sweat, or dryness, we will repair them with LEATHER FOOD, a moisturizing lotion with long-lasting properties that will soften stiff leather. It can also be applied to new leather.

Taking care of the leather not only means giving a good image and having a perfect saddle, but it is also essential to increasing the life of the items, and even if we keep the leather in good condition, it can prevent infections in the horse due to damaged leather, as well as giving the rider the security that the tack is in optimal condition, giving it full functionality. Do not give up spending a few minutes on maintenance to get all the benefits of leather!