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Girovet SL will accept payments through credit cards (VISA, MASTER CARD), Bizum and Bank transfers.

Payments with credit card through ServiRed

With credit cards, (VISA, MASTER CARD) the charge will be made through the CaixaBank POS once it has been verified that the information is correct. We guarantee total confidentiality of bank information since it is transmitted directly. Our transactions are secure and encrypted using SSL security, and our server is secure with the HTTPS protocol. For your safety, www.girovet.com does not handle the bank details of your card. Credit card fraud is a crime, and legal action will be taken against anyone who makes a fraudulent transaction in our online store.

Payments through BIZUM

The client can pay through BIZUM. This way, we do not have contact with the client's payment information. If you request to make the payment through BIZUM, you must enter your phone number and follow the instructions to finish the payment.
*It is important to have activated the shopping option in the BIZUM app.

Payments through bank transfer

If the client wants to pay through bank transfer, they should chose the bank transfer option. We will send the bank information by email, and once we have the transfer receipt, we will ship the parcel. 

Veterinarians - Girovet Pro

For veterinarians with a Girovet PRO account, we will arrange a suitable payment method. The options are direct debit, credit card, or payment transfer.

If in any of the cases you cannot proceed with the payment correctly, contact Girovet by e-mail at girovet@girovet.com or by phone at +34 972428720, indicating the order number, and we will provide you with the necessary data.