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Breathing problems in winter

Friday 26 January 2024
During the winter, horses confined to stables for longer periods of time are at risk of developing respiratory problems. Many stables have poor ventilation, especially when they are closed to keep them warm during the winter. Without proper ventilation, humidity produced from breathing and from urine and manure saturates the air and condenses on cold surfaces.

The condensation described above creates a very humid environment, which can cause or deteriorate respiratory problems because humidity, ammonia, and dust in a closed stable can be very harmful to respiratory health. In addition, thermal changes between stables and the fresh air outside also make winter a prime season for contracting respiratory diseases.

In winter, more frequently than during the rest of the year, the horse is very sensitive to bacteria and respiratory viruses. After lameness, respiratory problems are the most frequent cause of veterinary consultation, increasing even more in the winter.

Apart from symptoms such as coughing, mucus and respiratory diseases, these diseases cause a significant decrease in the horse's performance. If we add the fact that many horses are not correctly immunized, the susceptibility to developing respiratory disorders will increase to a greater degree.

M.S.M. RESPIRATORY is an effective formula with M.S.M. + Ascorbic Acid + Hesperidin indicated for respiratory problems such as cough, colds, respiratory distress and airway obstruction. M.S.M. RESPIRATORY increases circulation and the contribution of organic sulfur, which contributes to the reconstitution of the tissues of the respiratory tract and the cleaning of germs that can cause allergies.

RESPIRATOR BOOST improves lung function by cleaning and expectorating the airways. Provides fast nutritional support for congested and weak lungs and airways. Boosts the respiratory system and improves lung capacity quickly and effectively. Ideal for competitions.

EQUI 2000 HUSTEX is formulated with 12 medicinal plants that activate, regulate and strengthen the respiratory organs for good functioning and cleanliness of the horse's respiratory system. Also contains etheric oils known for their expectorant, antimicrobial and antiinflammatory effects.