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Long-lasting 100% natural repellent against insects
InStock 31/12/2039 39,95 (+ VAT)
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The first biotechnological insect control shield for horses, 100% natural, which uses the principals of the slippery wax of carnivorous plants to prevent insect adherence on hair. Ultra innovative and long lasting, its action is mechanical, preventing the settling of insects on the coat and thus disenabling the biting or stinging of the animal.

Why choose DERFLY?
  • Effective against insects, flies, ticks...
  • Prevents bites and stings.
  • Nourishes and provides a coating for the hair without smothering it.
  • Friendly to horse's skin. Pyrethrin and DEET free.
  • Provides a UV shield and is water resistant.
  • Long-lasting: 48-72h
  • Suitable for sensitive areas.
How DERFLY works?

1. Covers the hair with dry slippery wax to prevent insect adherence on hair.
2. Temporarily modify the horse's natural smell, largely responsable for insect attraction. The horse becomes odourless to the insects' olfactory system.

  • Extremely rich in fatty acids presenting strong affinity for the keratin of the hair, also creating a natural pellicle coating the hair and providing UV protection. Encourages the infiltration of liposoluble active principals in the hair, whilst the Coconut oil, rich in lauric acid, forms a pellicle on its surface and provides nourishment and hydration.
  • Shea butter contains unsaponifables (keratin, cinnamic esters and vitamins A and E) which absorb UV rays thus offering a natural protection from the effects of direct sunlight and photosensitivity. Restores the skin's hydrolipid film and encourages its hydration. Its action is both filmogenic and water-repellent, even after a shower or rainy days.
  • The combination of this main products, associated with the perfumes of the specific essential oils used, temporarily modify the horse's natural smell (sweat), largely responsable for insect attraction. The horse becomes odourless to the insects' olfactory system.


  • Recommended for all kind of skins.
  • Recommended for horses with dermatitis. Apply with Derfen in case of itching.

Dose / Application / Administration

1. Brush before apply.
2. Apply directly onto the horse or (better) onto a glove, after having thoroughly shaken the container.
3. Apply in the opposite direction of hair growth and on strategic areas.


Cocos Nucifera oil - Shea butter - Carnauba Palm wax - Glyceryl Sterate - Polyglyceryl Oleate - Lavender oil - Lemon grass oil - Tea Tree oil


500 ml




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