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Complete formula to improve metabolic energy and performance
InStock 31/12/2039 44,33 (+ VAT)
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HAEMATINIC - The success formula.
Intense training and competition increases muscle oxygen demand as a source of energy. HAEMATINIC enhances red blood cells formation, providing oxygen to the muscles. High concentrated combination to achieve better performance and a fast recovery.


  • Horses in competitions or intense training.
  • Weak, tired and low energy horses.
  • Horses recovering from anemia or piroplasmosis.
  • Mares recovering after giving birth.
  • Poor blood test results.
  • Metabolic energy and high performance.
  • Highly palatable.

Dosis / Aplicación / Administración

· Loading rate: 60ml/day
· Maintenance: 30ml/day

2L, at a dose per day, will last 66 days approximately.


Water - Maize (pre-gelatinized)
Additives (per kg):
Cupric sulfate 3.800mg - Iron 15.000mg - Zinc 6.650mg - Calcium D-Pantothenate 685mg - Folic acid 95mg - Nicotinamide 4.000mg - 4-Aminobenzoic acid 200mg - Vitamin B1 983mg - Vitamin B12 8mg - Vitamin B6 1.950mg - Vitamin K 100mg


2 L


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