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Ref.: HH 05 255 HH 05 255


Especially formulated to manage, relieve and control the pain
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FIVE STAR METAZONE is an effective nutraceutical for the management of horses who need something extra. Metazone is made up of a synergistic blend of ingredients that target the support of natural anti-inflammatory pathways.
The plant-based phytochemicals that make up this product support these pathways wherever they are needed in the body, whether that be for joints, feet, tendons, ligaments, muscles or skin. For those who compete, it is formulated to be competition-safe with no withdrawal time, which means it can be fed every day or as needed to keep your horse "in the zone".


Formulated specifically to manage, relieve and control pain. Metazone provides nutritional support when horses need it.
  • Supports your horse´s anti-inflammatory responses throughout the body.
  • Stay sound through peak competition.
  • For when a short-term boost is needed.
  • Suitable for daily use when comfort is key, making daily sachets a thing of the past.
  • Gut kind — designed to work effectively without compromising gut health.

Dose / Application / Administration

Add to feed daily, to support the horse´s own anti-inflammatory processes. Shake well before use.
Peak Rate can be used for 4-5 days when increased need is recognized, i.e. when signs dictate, travel, peak competition, or when advised by your veterinary surgeon.


· Peak rate: 60-90ml/day
· Training/Maintenance: 30ml/day


· Peak rate: 
· Training/Maintenance: 15-30ml/day


Magnesium chloride - Rosehip shells - Omicha berries - Peony (bark) - Oregano herbal blend - Calcium carbonate - Monoglycerides of fatty acids (oleic acid)
Milk thistle tincture 160ml - Peony tincture 660ml - Rosehip tincture 160ml


1 L




Download HERE the technical sheet of this product
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