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Welcome foal!

Monday 19 February 2024

The result sought in every stud is the foal, so after giving birth, all eyes focus on it to achieve healthy growth and that one day he will be an athlete.

We know how important the first hours and days of a foal's life are. For this reason, we have a wide range of syringes for their care and to solve problems that may appear: Coloboost (colostrum), Horsyboost (stimulating for the first days), FortiBoost (fortifier for foals with slow growth), and FloryBoost (intestinal flora).

Colostrum is produced by the mother during pregnancy and is the first milk she secretes before giving birth and no later than 24 hours later. Is thick, yellowish, and clearly different from the normal milk that she will synthesize later. Colostrum is rich in immunoglobulins, which the mare's mammary gland has separated from the bloodstream to pass on to her foal. It will serve as his first protection against invading organisms until his own immune system can do it for itself, more or less at 10 weeks of age. The ingestion of colostrum is of vital importance for the foal.

It is important that the foal take the colostrum between 12 and 24 hours postpartum, since it is only then that its digestive system can absorb the immunoglobulins. Passive transfer is called for when a foal has not been able to absorb colostrum in the adequate period for different reasons: maternal colostrum is insufficient in quality or quantity, the foal has no instinct to suckle, the mare has mastitis, births with complications, weak mares, etc. The best option is to provide colostrum artificially.

What can I do if I don't know if my foal has had colostrum? 

A full syringe of COLOBOOST (whole colostrum) can be administered during the first 6 hours of life and repeated 12 hours later. The intake could be repeated if considered necessary up to 24 hours of life, since after this period the absorption capacity of immunoglobulins decreases and the foal should already be taking milk.

If after 24 hours the foal is weak, it is recommended to administer a fortifier based on glucose, vitamins, iron, and other sources of energy capable of providing instant energy to start life.

Stimulating and reinforcing, which provides instant energy to the weak newborn foal.

Once the neonatal period has passed and the risk appears to have passed, some foals still need a booster if they remain small or grow too slowly.

Strengthens and enhances the foal's growth.
A full syringe should be administered once a week until deemed necessary. 

We also have powdered formula for foals in case the mare is missing, sick, or does not let the foal nurse.

EXTRA FOAL complements or replaces maternized milk in the feeding of the newborn foal, increasing the energy intake in weak foals.



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