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Ref.: HH 02 485 HH 02 485


High quality biotin concentrate, a perfect nutritional supply for hooves, skin and coat
InStock 31/12/2039 58,25 (+ VAT)
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LIFE contains quickly effective organic trace elements and sulphur compounds persistently to improve the structure and strength of the hooves, as well as providing optimum support for the skin and coat. Only the regular and sufficient supply of this active substance combination enables optimum growth.

How do the main ingredients work?
  • Biotin is crucial for hoof health and elasticity. Strengthens its structure and prevents cracking.
  • MSM contains active sulphur compounds, essential for the skin, coat and hoof quality.
  • B6 vitamin is essential for the skin. Its deficiency may cause allergies, itching and dermis inflammation.
  • Zinc is important for wound regeneration and healing. A deficiency causes hair loss, slow wound healing and hoof deterioration.
  • Copper is necessary for connective tissue.


  • Hoof injuries.
  • Cracked hooves.
  • Poor hoof growth.
  • Cutaneous disorders.
  • Hair loss.
  • Indicated for long treatments after hoof disorders.

Dose / Application / Administration

· Horses: 10g/day — 1 scoop
· Foals and ponies: 5g/ day — ½ scoop


Dextrose - MSM - Linseed oil
Nutritional additives (per kg):
Biotin 2.500.000mcg - Vitamin B6 2.000mg - Copper 1.500mg - Zinc 15.000mg - DL-Methionine 75.000mg


1 Kg


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