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The complex preparation for persistent care of the frog
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Frog rot is caused by having bad hygienic conditions, mud, accumulated manure or poor hay condition, causing the appearance of anaerobic bacteria inside the frog. Frog rot may affect the deepest part of the hoof, causing severe pain with pronounced limp.

EQUI 2000 STRALOPTIK is effective for problems in the hoof area thanks to its drying and disinfectant qualities. The effect unfolds especially in the frog, in the grooves as well as in the white line and keep the horn elastic, also helping in the new formation of the horn.


Frog rot.

Dose / Application / Administration

After thoroughly cleaning the grooves, inject the gel deeply with the spray nozzle into the central groove and both collateral grooves until the liquid runs out. After treatment, the hoof should be picked up for a short while to allow the active agents to penetrate. This treatment is also applicable to moist hooves.
  • For healthy hooves, it is recommended to apply EQUI 2000 STRALOPTIK once or twice per week. Treatment is particularly effective after trimming the hooves or when the horse is forced to stand on wet ground.
  • For hoof problems, treat the hooves with EQUI 2000 STRALOPTIK every day until the foul-smelling and moist horny parts are completely dry.


200 ml


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